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Our employees are highly experienced specialists of their trade. Averagely, technicians have 15 years of experience in the metal manufacturing industry. JSC “Kevija” trademark is flexibility, considering every individual contractor’s need. The company has considerable amount of experience working with various projects requiring unique and unconventional solutions.

The reason behind our long lasting contracts with clients is adaptable and broad outlook towards complex technical issues, relation between quality and expense, excellent customer service. We propose high quality services at a competitive price considering each assignment individually.


What we do best

Vibro diagnostics

Defect and faulty installation recognition, equilibration of rotating mechanisms

As all rotating mechanisms generate a unique vibration signal, the measurement of these signals helps to determine whether they work properly or faulty. Vibro diagnostics gives the maintenance staff to schedule required repairs and acquire the needed parts. It also provides information when to take the faulty equipment offline before the machinery breaks down and experience fewer unexpected failures, helping to prevent production stoppages. Lastly, vibro diagnostics helps to extend life of equipment and schedule maintenance by need.

Technical services at a specific object

Modern and fast solutions in case of malfunctioning repair:

  •  technological mechanisms, manifold services;
  •  mechanism (e.g. pumps, reductors) maintenance;
  •  compression manifolds installation and repair;
  •  steam and water pipelines installation and repair;
  • container installation and repair;
  •  oil industry’s mechanism installation and repair;
  •  heat exchangers and pressure vessels installation and repair;
  • metal construction, metal platform manufacture and installation.

Borehole drilling

Borehole drilling for various purposes (up to 170 m), installation, monitoring surroundings (Lithuanian Geological Survey Permit no. 107), liquidation of previous boreholes or their repair. Drilling works accomplished with P-4000 (S. Korea) deep-hole-drilling machine:

  • water borehole drilling;
  • bore drilling for geothermal heating;
  • building foundation drilling (diameter up to 1,2 m, depth >6 m);
  • mounting or repairing mechanisms used for water elevation;
  • repairing existing boreholes (e. g. the bore is gritting, when iron ore is exceeding limits, if there is foul odour present);
  • liquidation of existing boreholes;
  • installation of a pumping station for a small settlement (up to 3 houses);
  • excavator rent;
  • consulting about upcoming drilling projects or the existent borehole;
  • legal documentation regarding bores;
  • analysis of water quality;
  • engineering geology.

Part and element manufacturing

Diverse and unconventional products. Manufacture of unitary and serial production parts, constructions.

  • production of mechanism spare parts;
  • serial manufacture of particular components;
  • nonstandard parts or products manufacture;
  • metal turning, drilling, milling and bending;
  • stainless steel, aluminium, steel welding (TIG, MIG, MMA)

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